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Air Compressors are available from Compressed Air Systems UK, the experts in all types of Petrol, Diesel and Electric Air Compressors. Rotary Screw, Energy Efficient Screws, Piston, Scroll, Rotary Vane, Hydrovane, Oil Free, Medical, Dentist and Variable Speed.

Our Diesel Compressors are built to an exceptionally high standard. Here at Compressed Air Systems UK, we offer a wide range of diesel compressor models in both electric and recoil start options. Please click here for further information.

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We have many available from stock. Cant see item your looking for? Ask us online or call us on 0121 753 3330

Air Tools are available when you come to Compressed Air Systems, where we have a huge selection of tools to suit your requirements. Screwdriver, Air Ractchet, Impact gun, Die Grider, Spray Gun, Hvlp, Wrench, Stapler, Nailer, D.A palm sander, Blow Guns,  Cut off tools and Hose

Compressed Air Systems UK offer Compressor Service Kits and Lubricants for many Makes of Air Compressor Manufacturers, with Support from all Leading OEM's we offer our unique "World Wide Compressor Parts Order delivery to Door Service"


Compressed Air Systems UK

At Compressed Air Systems UK we provide the most up to date technology in Air CompressorsFiltrationAncillariesAir Line FittingsCondensate ManagementEnergy Efficient compressorsMaintenanceServicing.


We also provide breakdown coverage, with a full comprehensive range of Compressor Lubricants and service kits.


At Compressed Air Systems UK we have established ourselves under our brand TANAIR Compressors as a leading company in the compressed air industry, offering unrivalled support in terms of sales, servicing and manufacturing.


TANAIR Compressors has over 17 years experience in the manufacturing of base-mounted compressors, tandem compressors and compressor control gear to include Auto Change Panels for Smoke Vent Industry with as standard BMS signalling.


 Our manufacturing capabilities also include Petrol CompressorsDiesel CompressorsBase Mount Compressors, Electric Compressors and Smoke Ventilation in Simplex, Semi Duplex, Duplex and Tandem Compressor options.


If you require any further assistance, please contact us on 01217533330


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